Opening hours

Open every day
From 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 21:30


Le Saint-Laurent
1, Quai Bouchacourt
Phone: +33 3 85 39 29 19

Presentation of the restaurant 

At Saint-Laurent Restaurant, Georges Blanc invites you to a gourmet break with traditional Val-de-Saône cuisine. Come and enjoy the pleasant and peaceful veranda.

With a typical fish cuisine from Val-de-Saône area, you will get here some of the most classical dishes such as Saône small fry, fresh sautéed frog legs, Bresse poultry with cream sauce,…

“Clin d’œil d’Eté” (An Allusion to Summer), “Le Marché du Jour” (The Market of the Day), “Grand Gourmand” (The Great Gourmet) are some of the menus that we offer, and their names tell it all.

                            restaurant dining room

How to get there

By Train: Mâcon Loché High-Speed Train (TGV) Station from and to Paris, only 10 minutes drive by car or taxi. Mâcon City Station, 5 minutes walk

By Car: Opposite Mâcon City, on the other side of St Laurent Bridge, public parking in front of the restaurant

GPS coordinatesLatitude : 46.3048559 / Longitude: 4.839773799999989